The Heirloom Gypsy

Hi Junkers!

I’ve been waiting {to be brave enough} to share with you my new adventure!  I have a new jewelry business:  The Heirloom Gypsy ❤  This jewelry line blends vintage, retro & antique gems with newer findings to create one-of-a-kind treasures you can wear anywhere, anytime.

Many years ago one of my college besties had a co-worker show us jewelry making basics.  I remember not being that interested in the idea but once we got started, I was hooked!  I then made bracelets for family & friends & through word of mouth including those once-popular name bracelets made with square, silver beads, remember those?

I had put it all away, only getting out when I needed to fix something of mine or occasionally make myself something new.  Recently though, one of my besties asked me to alter some of her bracelets & we came up with some new things for her.  I realized how much I had missed being creative.  Plus, it’s a great stress reducer when the 9-5’er gets to me, ha!

When I came up with the idea of mixing old with some new, I had so many ideas swimming in my head.  I’m starting with necklaces so there’s a chance I’ll expand.  I’ve decided to give each treasure a unique name, something that reflects it’s character.  I’m excited to share them all with you!

Here are the first few items to be listed:


Please check out The Heirloom Gypsy ‘s FB page for full descriptions & pricing.  Also, feel free to share my FB posts, tag a friend who you think might be interested in one of the creations & of course LIKE the FB page to show support, get updates on all the new bling & be sure to give me some feedback or suggestions 🙂

~ Happy New Adventures

~ Junk Maven {& Heirloom Gypsy}


4 thoughts on “The Heirloom Gypsy

  1. You’ve got my like, and I may end up having some stuff to send you to work with. We’ve had tons of vintage jewelry we’ve been selling very inexpensively to purge what we had left. Most was from one estate that spanned 3 generations of collections from the 1940s-1970s. I’m sure you could repurpose much of what we have. I’ll keep you in mind if you’re interested!


    1. Hi Rita: That would be amazing! I just took a picture of my studio work space & will be sharing it soon, it’s a mess right now, trying to get things organized since I had this here & that there, ha. I appreciate you thinking of me!


    2. Hi Rita:

      I didn’t think to send you an email but I did response directly to the blog comment. I am interested in seeing what you have it you want to take the time to send a few pictures.

      Get back to me when you have time & I appreciate you thinking of me!

      ~ Lora

      On Sat, Jul 7, 2018 at 7:42 AM, Junk Makes The Soul Happy wrote:


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