Self Proclaimed Junk Lover

Hi Fellow Junk Lovers!  Junk Makes The Soul Happy is my way of sharing my love of junk with the world in hopes it’s contagious!  If you love flea markets, vintage stores, thrift shops, consignment stores, occasional markets, craft shows & antiques {to name a few} you’ve come to the right place.

Growing up, my parents introduced me to antiques, mostly horse tack: sleighs, buggys, horse-drawn farm implements, saddles & more. Mom & Grandpa Heston could zhuzh-up an old forgotten-in-the-barn piece with upholstery, paint & make it sparkle with new life.  It wasn’t until I was older that I appreciated the lessons I learned while watching them ‘junk’.  

My Dad is the best haggler I’ve ever seen!  Watching him has served me well; it is an art in itself, which I believe anyone can master.  Crafting has always been a part of who I am.  I now dabble in TIY {try-it-yourself} projects turning flea market finds into home decor, gifts, etc.  This all started when I co-owned a junk store which was super fun!  I also never pass up a good magazine or place to go if it involves junk.  These facets of life’s experiences have lead me to want to spread the love of junk to others.  I love old, rusty, chippy metal objects & collect ornate picture frames, windows, Pyrex, vintage alarm clocks & vases to name a few.

All positive comments are happily welcomed!  Let me know what you collect, where you’ve been or are going,  I & the readers want to hear from you!  

Thanx for being here & Happy Junking!