Arts & Crafts Show Haul

Hi Junkers!

It’s my firm belief that us junkers are a creative bunch, whether we collect, make it ourselves or both & we appreciate the innovators!  The weather was just on the verge of being nasty, as you might know if you live in the Midwest, but despite the hovering 32 degrees & a dreary mist/rain we made it to the Des Moines Spring Arts & Crafts Show @ the state fairgrounds.  Junk Hunk Hubby came along & he our son & a friend at a fish swap meet thingy, also on the fairgrounds.  That’s a win~win, right?!?!  {Seriously, going solo to the craft show, it’s a dream come true, lol!}

My goal of only spending my cash & not use my debit card was a success.  There were SO many awesome goods to choose from & there was a good crowd so I’m hoping the vendors did well.  Four lovely items came home with me {no photos of JHH’s lures & sinkers, ha}:

L to R:  the framed map w/quote is from DK Soup & Design Studio, the ILTSOOY word board is from Clear Creek Ranch & Signs, the steampunk key necklace is from Barnyard Steamworks & the LOVE heart is from Old Parts New Hearts. 

Please be sure to check out these amazing & friendly vendors that I’ve tagged on my Facebook post today along with some others that I was very impressed with but sadly, my cash supply was depleted.

Happy Arts & Crafts Finds Junking Friends!

~ Junk Maven


Country Living Mag Favorites

Hi Junkers!

Mom passed along the latest issue of Country Living magazine last week.  It never disappoints 🙂  With the weather around here in the last few days & especially today, we had to change some special plans so I wondered, how many of you were stuck inside needing some armchair shopping & inspiration?!?!

Here are the specific pieces that caught my attention:

If you want more info, this is the cover of the issue.  I’d suggest getting a subscription or drop a ‘gift hint’ 😉


Here’s another of their paint by number suggestions.  Did I mention I gave my Mason jar canvas to Mom?  She’s still working on it…some of those numbers are on teeny tiny spaces!


Every junkin’ gal needs a new pair of junk boots!  How CUTE are these !?!?!


I’m getting inspired, just in time for Spring, to decorate & zhuzh-up the home!  I’m lovin’ everything going on in this bedroom!

Let’s have some fun while we can: exploring, planning & imagining all the possibilities of doing something new when Spring gets here!

Happy Spring Thinking!

~ Junk Maven


Spring Fever has HIT!

Hi Junkers!

Have YOU gotten anything inspiring in the mail this week……& the best part might be, it’s just the beginning :


Nothing like planning what vegetables to plant in your garden, flowers for the yard & decorations for it all while sitting in the warm house with about 3-4 inches of snow on the ground {with more in the forecast}!

Happy Garden Planning!

~ Junk Maven



Goodwill Score of the Year!

Hi Junkers!

Just before Christmas Mom, College Girl & I went to a Vendor Craft Show & then stopped by the local Goodwill!  Not sure you’d say I ‘collect’ snowmen, but probably.  I like them very much & when I find a super cute one, I do get it.  It’s not like I think of it as a collection but I think some would categorize it like that.

There were some adorable little glittery ones in circus-type styles & then a large, maybe 12″ snowman.  After closer observation, he was a birthday snowman.  I bought him with the intent of gift giving.  When I got him home, I realized I really liked him & wanted to keep him.  {I refer to the snowman has a ‘he’……it just looks like a little man.}

He hung around for a few days & as I was taking him to the craft room, I look at the bottom of him.  The sticker read “The Penny McAllister Collection”.  Immediately I looked to see if his clone might be on eBay & wah-lah….there was his ‘brother’, on SALE for $149.95!!!  Now I was looking for more & she has a bunch of charming figurines!  Check them out on google images!

Here is my guy from Goodwill:

Mr. Happy Birthday
MidWest Cannon Falls makes some amazingly adorable collections!

What item have you found while thrifting that was a surprise find?

Happy Thrift Treasure Hunting!

~ Junk Maven