JMTSH Studio is OPEN on Etsy

Hey Junkers!

All kinds of things have been going on behind the scenes around here.  College Girl has been home for 20 wonderful days so we’ve been hanging out with family & friends & I’ve gotten some things checked off my to-do list.  One of them is sort my accumulation of magazines.  The cabinet was getting full & I wanted one shelf for bills & my greeting card ephemera.

Here’s how it started & the process:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The first intended image is the yellow cabinet with the doors closed.  It’s innocent exterior & the inside holding all my adored magazines.
Next, the cabinet doors….open…my secret stash revealed!
Then, the sorting by magazine title & style.  Some magazines were & still are subscriptions.  Many had pages full of the top corners folded down for not-to-be-forgotten images or info. Then it all turned into this:

Many magazines later, this is what is left to keep.  Clearly not much room for new issues, but hey, it’s a start, right?
One view of the small book pile & the, uh, much larger magazine pile.
Over 50 magazines, all needing a nice, new home…..so

That lead me to open an Etsy shop to sell the ones I can part with {boy, that was harder than I thought} so my liquidates is your serendipity!

I’ve only listed one so far {gee, that took longer than I thought but I’ll get the hang of it & post more soon} so please ‘LIKE’ my shop & maybe you’ll be interested in adding to your collection?

JMTSHStudio is my Etsy shop:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/JMTSHStudio !


~ Junk Maven


Magazine Monday goes Country x 2

Wait, stay with me….Country style is still a legitimate decorating design!  Think of how creative you can be with it & mix with other schemes to make it your own.  The new Cottage Country {by Romantic Country} & the Romantic Country magazines are on shelves now so get your copies. In the meanwhile, get some country inspiration from my favorite images I’m sharing today.  This is not your 80’s Home Interior geese, mauve & brass:

Here’s the cover: very appealing!
I am drawn to green couches….I think it has to do with our sectional we used to have when I was a teen?
Have you ever realized you’re adding or laying textures & not even realizing it?  I know!
This could easily be a lake cabin interior…..Minnesota memories!
The rotary phone in the window sill…nice!
How about spending a lazy Sunday brunch around this table? Yes!
I’ve always wanted a French enamel pitcher….that I found at the French flea market, teehee.
This adorable kitchen is captioned as country but really, how different is it than the farmhouse craze we know now?  Not much, it all works!
Do features like this make you look up the book on Amazon, make a flower Pinterest board & dream of making your yard so beautiful like me?  Maybe your yard already looks like that?  Good for you!
This vignette is perfect!
Have you see a resurgence in wallpaper?  It seems to have gone out of favor a few years but it can add a lot of impact in a room.  Lots of times, one wall will do it.
Another very inviting cover!  What’s your favorite thing in the picture?
You could be a fresh-outta college girl in her first apartment or a retiree who loves thrifting, either way, this space is ageless  🙂
I LUV it when magazine feature events!  Look at all the fun things going on!
The variety, smiling faces & oodles for information – perfect!
Of course I had to add this image, T-H-A-T FRAME!!!
                                                Top picture:  reminds me of paint-by-number.                                                  Bottom image:  reminds me of the chandelier I didn’t get snag Habitat for Humanity, sniff.
See….retro & country are great friends  🙂
So much lovely in one room: the shutters, natural wood trunk, china, beautiful oversized mirror & tapestry pillows; this mix is great!
She Shed Done Right
Tempting us with Autumn decor, love it!
I’ve seen this velvet covered type pumpkins on Pinterest.  White pumpkins are always easy to put in any decor: indoors or out.  Notice the seed pods & ? pheasant ? feathers….not sure which bird those are from, maybe quail too.

An extra long blog post but honestly, I just had to put these two issues together.  Does it inspire you to re-think country?  And like I mentioned in the kitchen image, it’s not too far from the very familiar farmhouse look we’ve come to know & love.  Some styles work for you but might not work for your neighbor, that’s the beauty of being able to make your space{s} your own.

It’s great to say there are no rules when it comes to decorating…at least that’s my theory. Try it, if you don’t like it, change it.  Simple as that.

Happy Mixing it up with some Country!

~ Junk Maven


Get Out There Junkers!


What’s been going on around here?   Unexpectedly working longer hours, College Girl is home for 2 weeks (whoot, whoot!!!) & some basic Summer slacking off, LOL!  Tomorrow we’re going to move College Girl to a different apartment, get her some school things on Saturday before Fall classes start in a few weeks & Sunday at my folks for lunch {gonna make 2 desserts} and help sort more in their garage.

Even though I won’t get a chance to junk, doesn’t mean you can’t.  If you’re able to be out & about in my area {& not so near too} I’ve got some places you’ll like:

North Creek Antiques, Pella, IA
Spring City Vintage, Colfax, IA
Waverly Summer Vintage Flea Market
, Waverly, IA
Calico’s Vintage Flea Market by Calico Hen House, Waterloo, IA
Haupt Antiek Market-Farmhouse Charm, Apple Valley, MN
August Craft & Vendor Show, Quincy Place Mall, Ottumwa, IA

Maybe I haven’t included everyone?  If I missed any other fun, junky things going on this weekend, please message me so I can pass it along  🙂

Happy Weekend Junking!

~ Junk Maven


Generations of Junk

Mom & I tease that Dad is a hoarder but there is a thread of truth to it.  After over a dozen moves, some from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest and back, and nearly 60 years later they have accumulated…well, stuff.

There had been talk, on & off, for a while now about getting a dumpster & purging the piles & boxes full of things & recently, Mom decided it was time.  We arranged for the dumpster to be there a maximum of two weeks.  Within a week, it was full, dumped & returned.  As of yesterday, five days after that, it’s full again.  Three generations full of possessions & most of it, not so glamourous.  Boxes of shoes, yarn & empty photo albums {luckily years ago, Mom had emptied them} & more.  Then, coffee cans full of nails, nuts, bolts & hardware store objects.  That was my Dad’s way of storing manly things you might need at any moment.

Of course, it’s emotional too.  Thoughts of my grandparents, gone to heaven years ago, brought a tear or two.  At one point, after lunch yesterday, we looked through my Grandma’s ‘scrap album’ with newspaper & magazine clipping of things she liked…a butterfly stopped by.  Do you believe in signs? The kind that a loved one in heaven is thinking about you or the deja vue ones?  I do, always have.  I said to the butterfly “Hi Grandma!”  & when we were done admiring the her album, off it flew.  🙂

Mom has a great eye for knowing what to keep & sits aside things she think I’ll want to see or have. Isn’t that great?!  One of the first things she showed me was a first aide kit. Not just any first aide kit, this little metal tin was from the Department of Lands and Forests, Ontario {Canada}.  Instantly, I loved it!  Dad worked in Canada in the mid-60’s & to think, it was still around after all these years.  It’s rusty, the inside was very dusty & it smells funny but it’s oh so awesome.  After carefully dusting everything with a small, dry paintbrush, here are the images of this tiny hinged golden treasure & contents:

20170805_185152 (1)
About 5″ x 3.5″ x 1″ it’s a gem, don’tcha think?
20170805_185203 (1)
First glimpse of the inside, with instructions!
20170805_185211 (1)
Notice: matches, Q-tips, gauze, band-aids, a tiny plastic ‘vitamin’ box, two fishing lures {that cracked me up} & a wooden something…still haven’t figured out what it is.
All cleaned up {without any liquid of course} but you’d be surprised what a good, hard mouth blow will do when cleaning dust from Q-tips, lol.  Also the ammonia tablets, wrapped in it’s own gauze-like material.  
Had to get a close-up of the ammonia ‘capsules’ or tablets…they make the tin box smell funny.  Mom thinks they leaked a little.  Notice the printing “Ammonia..(See Carton…Label…CRUSH – INHALE…Mine Safety…Pittsburgh, Pa”.  AMAZING that in it’s 60+ years of existence that any moisture didn’t ruin it all!
Ok, back to the fishing lures…safety as in staying alive & catching fish to eat?  Doubtful, I would have to guess Dad but them in there.  For safe keeping?  At any rate, they are cool!
Vitamins in a safety kit….?
It’s like a tiniest sewing kit ever!  Not sure it’s original to the set but it’s adorable!
Four birthday-looking candles with a rubber band around them, 2″ compress bandage package {never opened} & there’s that wooden thing…the oddity: a small, oval piece of metal protrudes from one end & on the side is a gorged out place about 1/3 of the way down, weird.  I bet Mike or Frank would know what it is!
And in the bottom, more gauze, in a sealed, waxed envelope.  The gray matter on the side is what I think leaked from the ammonia tablets & mixed with dust, it’s stuck to the metal.

More & more treasures are coming out of the garage.  I’m delighted, Junk Hunk Hubby…not so much.  Secretly, he thinks to himself that I am my Dad’s daughter, a hoarder as well?  Not like the kind on tv mind you…our home looks normal {ok, you’ve seen pictures} but our upstairs closets might be a bit full of this & that, teehee.  Anyway, I’ve been bringing home a few things that I like & I’ll be sharing them as well.

Happy Junk Treasure Hunting!

~ Junk Maven


Come along Thrifting, Part Deux {2}

Hello Vintage Sidekicks:

Today was the day:  Mom & I headed to the thrift stores in Pella (IA)!  There was just a fun & free-spirited feeling when we drove North, chatting about her sisters, my kids/her grandkids, my Dad, funny things we’d forgot to share with each other on our nearly daily talks when one of us calls the other.  I realized, it wasn’t the thrifting, shopping, etc. it’s who you’re with!  Can I get an Amen?!?!

We first stopped at The Well Thrift Store over by Theisen’s.  Back in the day this place was packed full of clothes, home decor, furniture in two different areas, bedding, actual beds, you name it.  If you moved & had nothing, you could find almost all of it there. Then it closed for an update, reopened & they are adding more & more great things every time we visit.  I got a nice sized serving bowl, circa 60’s maybe & a melamine oval small-ish snowman serving platter, perfect for potlucks at the day job.  Mom got a nice punch of faux flowers, the little tiny ones.  She finds all kinds of  cute things to do with them!

Then we went across town to the Bibles for Missions Thrift Store.  It hasn’t been around as long but it sure has some great things too.  Mom found the cutest pair of white capris with fancy back pocket stitching, an adorable white blouse with a mingly black floral pattern & burn out design, the prettiest little half apron with embroidery & a nice bathroom rug set.  I found a snowman plate wall hanging, a snowman painted box to display or hang on the wall, a nice pair of capris for me as well & Mom spied a checked pink/white hemmed tea towel with an embroidered pink tea pot for me.  I spent right at $20 & Mom was under $20!!!

I have a two videos over on Facebook {sorry, can’t upload videos here since I don’t have a premium wordpress package} but here are some fun pictures of things I brought home & a few other goodies we liked:

This is a Lionhead table.  Mom’s parents had a smaller round one that I proudly own now 🙂  Note the lionhead drawer pull, the carved legs with metal feet & the finals {hard to see} next to the drawer, in the corner, that are upside down.  So unique and for $35 a steal!


These hats!!!  Mom & I both agreed, they were something back in the day!
Mid-Century Modern desk: those legs, those drawer pulls….just needs zhuzhed up & for $5 it would be worth the work & effort for a quick turn around.
Mom laughed at & loved this spoon!  It says “Short’ning And Ice Cream Spoon”  LOL Short’ning!
The little platter in red and the wooden box in yellow, with glitter; they’re almost twins.
This bowl was a bit bigger than the usual ones, almost a pasta dish size, perfect for reunions & potlucks.  If you’ve followed me for long, you know I love old kitchen linens….SO very soft & pre-loved ❤
This was a terrific find for only $5, the black rack & the three plates that make the ‘snowman’ are just adorbs!


So, what treasures will we find next time, who knows?  But no matter what, we had a great time together & that was the most priceless thing of all ❤

Happy Thrifting All!

~  Junk Maven



Thinking about this blog thing…

Hi Fellow Junkers!

Instead of writing for you I like to think of us as already being in a conversation.  Since starting this blog over a year ago, more times than I care to admit I’ve wondered if the randomness here is going in the right direction.  Then I think, does it matter?  Shouldn’t it be about the journey & adventures?  And if you like it, since you’re here after all, isn’t that enough?  Sure, there are bloggers selling info about how to be better:  gain more readership, get more likes & more followers.  Honestly, I’m torn sometimes in thinking it needs improving & that little voice says “Why should it be zhuzhed up?  How much of a difference would it make?  Who am I really trying to impress? What would I do to mix things up?”  So instead of trying to make it the best, I checked on trends.

There were a few ideas I liked while searching for blogging trends & my little voice said….let’s try it!  Get out of your comfort zone, silly Girl!  No one ever made themselves happy with doing the same things over & over.  So I’m still here, loving this blog, my little piece of junk heaven with teasers on FB & IG {love those parts too}!  So first think I see people mentioning is the term blogger isn’t always going to be around, instead ‘influencers’ will replace it.  Wow, do I not like that word, sorry.  It just doesn’t roll off your tongue very nicely.  Just today I saw a blogger using it.  Hey, if it works for you, GO for it!

Instead, I’ve done my own digging {you know me & thesaurus, we go way back} & I came up something unique, a name I really like.  Just like when we were naming our junk store back in 2013: Lucky Junk Alley, now that’s a name!  I started with a hand written list, added some, crossed out others & it just materialized:

aka Junk Maven clock vingette with mantel from sweet pea home

Ok, if you look up the definition of Maven, Merriam-Webster says, “one who is experienced or knowledgeable;  expert;  a person who knows a lot about a particular subject” & thesaurus says “connoisseur;  artist;  advisor”.  I like all of those explanations, except I’m not an expert.  I was junkin’ when junkin’ wasn’t cool, thanks to my awesome parents & grandparents.  I just know what I like & if it’s something you like too then: subscribe, like, follow, share, comment : the whole thing….or quietly tag along, I’m okay with that too 🙂

Happy Junking!

~ Junk Maven @ JMTSH


Come along Thrifting, Part Un {1}

join us at the Thrift-shop

Hey Thrift Shop Treasure Hunters!

Just taking a few minutes of your mid-week day to get your frugalness in high gear while planning a pre-thrift store adventure for next week!  Mom & I will be out & about on Monday {after I work the weekend @ the 9-5’er} & thrift shops on the agenda.

This got me to wondering….how thought of this great idea?  Come to find out,  this idea was not at all popular & in the colonial era, used goods were considered harmful & tainted.  The Saturday Evening Post printed a short story in 1884 about a girl who bought a pre-owned dress from behind the counter of a resale store run by a Jewish woman.  In short she developed small-pox leading readers to correlate bigotry with secondhand clothing ‘dangers’ .  This was during a time of anti-semitism.  In 1902 Rev. Helms founded what would later be known as Goodwill Industries.  During that same time Americans viewed this Christian charity as acceptable, a concept of collecting no longer used goods from donations, employing disadvantaged people & putting them together in an effort to make it a useful venture.

Fast forward a few decades to today & all I know is I’m glad people want to give away or sell for less their slightly used clothing, furniture, housewares & such!  One adorable story in our family is our daughter’s favorite winter coat.  Always a fan of Goodwill, I shopped there often for the kiddos clothes.  I mean, why not?  They would outgrow them in a year or less, get stained, frayed, etc.  Even I thought it was a score when I saw a black, shiny Barbie coat with multi-color sparkles all over.  It was indeed super cute, clean {I would wash it once home anyway} & in great condition; I snatched it right up! Daughter knew it came from Goodwill too.  It was not a shameful thing to us, we were thrilled to get good deals.  When someone would compliment her in her 6 year old cuteness & the coat, she’d proudly boast “I got it at Goodwill!”  🙂   In her world, it was from Neiman Marcus.  It doesn’t get more adorable than that!

There are many more treasures ort family has brought home from all types of secondhand stores….too many to list so let’s talk some basics.  Be ready to rummage & get a little dirty.  This stuff isn’t out of a box, it’s been sitting around, maybe in someone’s garage or basement & then donated or brought in for a small profit to take it off their hands.  If you’re a bit edgy on this part, bring along some hand sanitizer.  If what you’re looking at has drawer, pockets, cubbies {you get the idea}, open then. look in, under & around.

Are you new to thrifting & don’t know where to start?  Do a quick google or FB search. Look at the reviews & comments, sometimes there will be listed other stores = bonus! Once you visit a few places, ask the person at the counter “Are there any other places around I should visit?” It never hurts to ask!  If you end up with a favorite place or two, make friends with the workers/owner.  Only lady brought cookies as a thank you for the staff helping her find something & after that they took her number & would call her when they saw something come in she might be interested in {Wow}!

Ok, this is no place to haggle.  The price is normally fair enough & please consider that most places are charity or private, small business owners who we need to support. Speaking of price, don’t get caught up in the cheapness….think to yourself ‘do I like it?’ & if you do and it’s a price you’re okay with, then by all means, buy it.  But if you spy a dozen or so things just because they’re say, 99 cents, you might be bringing them back…as a donation.

General rules I follow are:  if it’s broken or chipped, is that something I can live with, can I turn it around so that spot is not visible, could it be painted over to hid it?  If not, I will probably pass.  Do I really like it but not the color?  Depending on the material most everything is paintable!  One item I liked, a fake African violet, was drab, dusty & in a plain terra cotta pot.  After I quick rinse under the faucet & air dry, I painted the leaves, some of the petals and covered the pot with scrapbook paper using Modge Podge & wah-lah, it’s on the bookcase at my 9-5’er office!

Give back!  Some things I accumulate over time are still in good shape & I like to think someone else might think it’s a good find.  At least once a year I take a few bags to Goodwill.  They are happy to give a receipt too if want to see if it’s tax deductible. Luckily, we have a favorite secondhand clothing, accessories & small home decor shop we regularly visit.  Daughter & I are both ‘vendors’ & we all buy fun things there too.  It’s not going to supplement our income by any means but it’s a nice way to feel good after spending a little more for an item & being able to recoup some of it.  They have a few rules {like many independent shops} of taking non-Walmart, Target, K-mart, etc. brands, this keeps the selection a little higher end but still within a price range most can afford. There is one previously local family that ships their rarely-used things back to our favorite shop with brands like Juice Couture, Tiffany, Coach & Jimmy Choo!

Final thoughts:  keep an open mind, be prepared to walk away with nothing and be okay with that & delight in the found treasure{s}. Remember it’s all about the hunt & if you’re lucky like me, priceless time spent with your Mom ❤

Happy Thrifting!!!


Calling all Magazine Hoarders…I mean Lovers!

Happy Magazine Monday!

Today is a different twist & instead of showing you just one issue, I’m sharing LOTS of them.  Pick something from the few I’m sharing here or search for something else.  The selection of topics is unbelieveable!  I’ve only shopped for topics that interest me but when you are on the home page, there are:  robots, kitchen remodel, travels, pets, photography, food/cooking, technology, art, hobbies/crafts & comics to name a few.

I wish I could remember how I found MagCloud.  One day, while googling {which I’ve been known to do a little, or a lot} … there was this website that shared a list of links to blogs or websites & after clicking on Kerryanne’s Shabby Art Boutique there it was : her magazines … sold on MagCloud.  I thought to myself, who’s been hiding these fantabulous issues?!?!

Apparently it’s been around for awhile?  Some of the issues went back a few years but that didn’t matter, I found them 🙂  Of course I started with Kerryanne’s Simply Shabbilicious & it snowballed into searching for:  vintage, junk, cottage & farmhouse. Here are some of my favorites:

Aiken House & Garden
Carolyn also has a beautiful blog & I subscribe to get all the beautiful images right away.  This is an issue I own & cherish.
Creating Vintage Charm
This looking like an amazing magazine!
Fall Farmhouse
For foodies who love Fall, this is for you.
Flea Market Gardening
This publication looks a lot different than the flea market magazines I’ve seen before.
Homebound Christmas
I’m sure I would like this one.
It has it all: recipes, interior painting tips & diy.
Inspiration Vintage Lifestyle
If you have the passion for vintage…
Iowa Photographs
There are 5 issues….I’m going to have to have at least one.
Simply Shabbilicious
One of the few Simply Shabbilicious issues.
Simply Shabbylicious
I’m a huge Tilda fan!  A copy of this issue lives with me  🙂
The Feminine Home
Can you imagine how romantic the images are?
Vintage Finds
Living in or visiting FL soon, then check this out!

MagCloud doesn’t just show you the cover, it gives you a couple more pages & lets you know how many pages are in each issue with the pop-up pages!  While using the search bar for those keywords I did find some magazines that were not was I was looking for but that can be an advantage too, what if you find the unexpected?  Even if there is no initial image but the description intrigues you, click on it!  The images will be on the next page!  Another great feature is you can get almost all of the issues in print, digital & a combination of both.  You may find some are a bit more than superstore prices but their collection is like no other & you are probably not going to find them anywhere else.  I haven’t found any that offer a subscription so there is no worry of getting issues you don’t like, you pick the one{s} you love!

Being a creative soul, I am curious about being able to also publish on MagCloud!  My mind is already swirling with ideas….but that will be a project for another day.  In the meantime, we all should check out the issues, order some & unwind with the lovely images that are bound to inspire & aspire ❤

Happy Glossy Pages Junkers!



Adorable & Functional Curtains, Again, in the Living Room

Happy Friday!
I’ve got a huge shout out to my Mom for making some wonderful curtains for our living room {THANX Mom!} 🙂 Since moving here 20 years ago, this tri-panel window has had individual, custom tan roller shades & various valances {also made by my very talented Mom}.  
But after the walls were painted gray & the new furniture came along this year, I wanted a light-filled room. Little did I realize that Junk Hunk Hubby wouldn’t agree & mornings were a bit bright {shhh, don’t tell him I said that}.  Even after I added textured window cling I just didn’t want curtains again.  Then we compromised & agree: we’d try easy open curtains I could pull back to let the light in whenever I wanted {but not in the morning}.
Hours of research resulted in our final decisions of:  large, silver rings with mini-alligator clips &….yep, homemade curtains.  I’m diggin’ the texture of the multi-shade gray upholstery fabric scored from the newly opened Hobby Lobby at 30% off. It compliments the rest of the room perfectly while being functional too!
Here’s the process:
As you can see, even at night, the light filters through the cling {found on Amazon}.  There’s JHH working on putting the curtain rod hardware in place so I can then measure for fabric.
Hardware in place!  One bracket in the middle will allow two curtain panels to be pulled back on each side when I want the light.  The rod is muted silver from Menard’s & less than $25.00.
Close up of the fabric:  it’s a tonal gray, super textured, yummy to the eyes!
Here’s another view of the fabric.  It looks a little plaid-ish here but when you aren’t up this close you don’t notice it {thank goodness!}
Rod, clips & fabric are up & I’m diggin’ it!!!  The color in this picture doesn’t do it justice, it really is a great combination with all the other grays in the room.

If you can sew a straight line you too can make these.  I know how to sew but Mom volunteered & they mean even more to me this way too ❤  She’s also a genius when figuring out how much yardage is needed; wallpaper too….how does she do it?  No clue but I’m glad she does!

What home decorating projects are you working on?


Curtain rod:  Menard’s
Curtain rings w/alligator clips:  eBay
fabric & thread:  Hobby Lobby


Magazine Monday’s Vintage Style : Refresh, Recycle, Re-do

Vintage Style cover 20170717_180900

Hello Vintage Stylers:

I thought I’d start out with the good things first ^^^ like this awesome cover!  What catches your eye first?  The shutters on the wall, the green, chippy table, the red, ticking fabrics, the rooster statues???  Me? I love it all!

Inside this great find of vintage-image filled pages are flea market finds, cottage beauty, Brimfield {MA} info, smart vertical storage ideas, floral trends, some TIY, porch living, charming found objects, a familiar Iowa {The Barn, Wellman} barn & so much more !  If you’re a bit like me, pour some sun tea, sit back & absorb the magic & be entertained by all the vintage inspiration:

10 Priceless FM finds 20170717_180056
This little article is almost about collections too!  I’m drawn to so many things here: architectural salvage, chandeliers, ironstone, clocks, old fabrics & what-nots, mirrors & you know my love of signage!
10 Priceless 3. 20170717_180126
Bonus: rose ad with a galvanized watering can.
10 Priceless .2 20170717_180119
So much to think about!

Have you heard of the mega flea market that happens in Brimfield, MA?  That would be a road trip in & of itself {had to look that up on Rand McNally= it’s 19.75 hours/1224 miles from me, but who’s counting}.  It’s still on my dream list.

Brimfield 1. 20170717_180202
I can’t even….
Brimfield 2. 20170717_180320
If you walked out with nothing in your hands, would it be a crime?

Ok, I couldn’t wait till the end….do you recognize these next few images….I’ve shared them before, even my own personal pictures, several times….I’d have to guess it’s almost nationally know by now, it’s it?  It’s the Yoder barn from The Barn, Wellman!  Love this little article about the wedding part of this setting!

Barn 1. 20170717_180525
Vintage Vows indeed ❤
Barn 2. 20170717_180539
The nearly-famous Yoder Barn, Wellman, IA!
Barn 3. 20170717_180554
My mind’s eye is swimming with ideas if I were to help plan a wedding here…so many possibilities! 

Charming it is, the pictures here are a few favorites & I’ll tell you why:

Charm 1. 20170717_180731
Mason jars, always a smile maker…then this little wood tray with charming handles, so pretty!
Charm 2. 20170717_180742
The lettered knobs on the cabinet are something I would love to do; the shutter brought indoors – brilliant; & I like that Scandinavian-inspired white star in the window.
Charm 3. 20170717_180808
A quaint & cozy kitchen, just the right size.
Charm 4. 20170717_180826
How could you not want to create in this room!

Storage comes in clever & adorable containers, the uses for many objects find new meaning:

Storage 1. 20170717_180341
Whether it’s useful, everyday items or collections or a little bit of both, look at these great ideas for storage.
Storage 2. 20170717_180355
Vintage medical/pharmacy cabinets have long been on my ‘gotta have’ list…but have yet to find one for sale…..someday 🙂
Storage 3. 20170717_180409
Lockers never go out of style do they?  I have a single one, painted…what else…aqua!

This next article makes me think of Tif & her Granny Chic style.  Florals are always going to be around, so versatile you can mix & match florals and pair them with other designs such as stripes or chevron for an updated look.

Bloom 1. 20170717_180419
Floral fabrics, embroidery, etc. : swoon!
Bloom 2. 20170717_180451
There are several TIY projects in this issue!

Last, but certainly not least….the porch.  Whether you have a full, front porch, something on the side, a wrap-around or enclosed to keep the bugs away, make sure your eclectic style doesn’t stop at the door.  Bring it outdoors so everyone can see!

Porch 1. 20170717_180618
Layers outdoors are a great way to give visual interest to passers by!
Porch 2. 20170717_180632
Lighting, flooring, comfy seating, storage & style can come together & still look pretty and inviting!
Porch 3. 20170717_180658
Texture, as in smooth, rough or in between add up to great outdoor appeal.

Well, like I said, this issue is jam-packed with beautiful pictures, inspiring ideas, travel & event concepts, make a house a home motivations & loads more.  It’s in your local shopping markets now so grab your own copy.  I’m sure you’ll want to keep it & reference back to it from time to time.

Happy Vintage Inspirations!