Avon Throwback

who remembers these Avon lipstick samples and box

~ Junk Maven


Another Little Gem from the Shed

Hi Junkers!

A while back Junk Hunk Hubby did a lot of work at my folks’: sorting, hauling, piling, building, shuffling, etc.  The main idea was Mom wanted to get the golf cart & Explorer in the garage.  We accomplished that & way more!  The biggest shed held 50+ years of their life & so many things that brought back a lot of memories, from photo albums & scrap books, to clothes, papers galore, books, milk cans, dishes & this gem I brought home:


This dark brown ‘TEMCO” waterfall small gas stove!  We left it outside in the freezing temps a few days just to make sure there were no little critters {mice} that would find a comfy home with us 😉  Junk Hunk Hubby brought it in today & we found the perfect place in the living room ^^^  Ruby, our 4 year old Jack Russell Terrier, couldn’t keep her nose out of it, lol!  We’re sure there is nothing hiding in there but it sure entertained her & then us!

Mom still has no idea where the stove came from so we have no story or history on it but that’s okay, I’m thrilled to have the stove!  Even JHH is happy with it in the house {which is huge}!  Normally the conversation goes, Me: “Honey, isn’t this so {enter adjective: cute, adorable, fun, etc.}?”  JHH: “Yeah. it’s so {…cute, adorable, fun, etc.}” in a funny/sarcastic way, just to be agreeable.  But this time, he actually said he liked the stove & is glad we have it.

Someday, JHH may want to get the stove in working order, but that isn’t a priority for me.  It’s adorable just the way it is 🙂

Happy Gem Hunting Junkers!

~ Junk Maven


Books with a JUNK Theme…Who would have guessed?

Hello Junkers!

I  was going to put together a piece about handy Christmas gifts for that hard-to-shop-for junker in your life but I got side tracked.  I started searching for vintage things on Chairish & came across a poem book.  Then, it popped into my head “I wonder how many ‘junk’ books there are?”  & then this whole thing started going in wacky direction.

Who would have thought there were so many junk books!?!?  Of course, I had to weed out the ‘food’ related titles…as in junk food, ha!  Here are some of the good, funny & odd publications I happened to find & if you’re interested I’ve included the links too 🙂

Emily Dickinson poem book on Chairish
I found this cool book when I was originally looking for vintage gifts.


Rugrats junk sweek junk book for kids
Starting those kiddos early in the world of junk, oh yeah!


junk beautiful book
These two junk ladies are the original Junk Market owners {I still have the artillery basket I bought at one of their sales}!


junk day on juniper street book
This book is oddly familiar, could it be I’ve seen it before in my elementary school library?


junk culture comic books psycho pop
THE oddest of them all…these are comic books…only the work ‘junk’ in the title caught my eye…view with caution would be my guess!



junk gypsies book
Junk irons for sure !


junk type lettering book
I have to say, this looks like a very cool book.  Love vintage fonts!


^ hopefully clicking on the picture will get you to Amazon, if interested

junk journal info
Ever heard of a junk journal? Apparently it can be nearly anything you want it to be…google it or the link below to see more.


junk beautiful book outdoor edition
Sue has split from Ki {Junk Bonanza} & teamed up with this gal for another book.


So maybe I’ll get back to that vintage gift idea soon?  In the meanwhile, I hope you found one of the books above, in the least, entertaining, even if you just look at the cover 🙂  If you do happen to get one {or already have one}, let us know!

~ Junk Maven


Gorgeous Weekend for Getting Out & About

The weather was unusually gorgeous for this time of year in our neck of the woods so it was decided we’d take advantage of it. ☀️ Daughter & I took Mom to the Holiday Craft Fair & Live Music @Summerset Winery! It was fun 🙂 The Garden Barn was closed, darn it, but Goodwill was open so we made an afternoon of it!
Did any of you junkers get out & about this weekend?
Yesterday, Junk Hunk Hubby helped with some yard things:
we moved the double wash tub to the front of the house, which meant I had to move the house number sign & the turquoise wash tub {do you see where this is going, lol?} …. all in all I like what we did & the plans we made for more changes next Spring!
Yes!  Those lights are true vintage, a delightful deal from What Cheer Flea Market!  I kept some of the ivy from this past year since is was still in good shape, yeah, it’s green, right !?!?
The house number sign is on the left now….I’m liking it!

~ Junk Maven


Our Shiny, Old/New Christmas Tree

Ok Junkers, I gave you a snippet this morning of our Christmas tree.  Now let’s see the rest of it:

I’ve LONG wanted an aluminum tree!  Since we are limited on space in our living room, that was another legit reason{ing} to get one, right?1?!  This tree was a steal on Amazon for under $40 with 6′ of gorgeous silver-ness.  Daisy are you hiding under it, teehee?
While waiting for the tree to arrive I found this box of vintage lights, SWOON!  See the printed price tag:  K-Mart $5.97…amazing!  And * they work * !!!
When I opened the box, I was in shock: could this box be in THE original packaging, for real?
I quickly turned it over & WAH-LAH, yes, completely in it’s original state: never touched, removed, tampered with….I almost hated to use them.  But that didn’t last long, I had to see them in action *** !

Once these lights were on the tree, I was simply in love <3.  I could have left the tree as is.  It’s hard to describe the feeling of nostalgia when I gaze upon this silver wonderment.  My Grandparents had a short aluminum tree, probably 3′ with the primary color light wheel, remember those?  That image has stuck in my noggin for years & I believe it is the root of my current obsession 🙂

LOL:  this is me, with said tree; the color wheel is around there somewhere!
Simple beauty: aluminum tree with vintage K-Mart lights!
 ~*~ Sparkly Christmas ~*~
Here is the finished tree.  I added another set of multi-colored lights, some Scandinavian-ish ornaments, lots of family ornaments from years ago, a few classic items (candy canes), a few new baubles & reproduction Shiny Brite ornaments too.

This is what I meant when I mentioned earlier about mixing the old with the new.  I’m always surprised with the combination works together so well, aren’t you?  But it makes me so happy when it all comes together in the end.  Plus, I couldn’t be happier that Shiny Brite is once again making ornaments {did you see with Halloween ones, OMGosh!}!!!  I got my set of 12 mini Christmas ones at Menard’s & saw the Halloween styles at Home Goods {in sets of four: stripes, misc. icons & even sugar skulls}!  There are zillions on eBay: original, similar styles & the new ones too; the possibilities are endless with colors, shapes, etc.

So is your Christmas decor different this year?  The same?  Are you mixing old with some new or new with a bit of old?  It’s been fun this year, in spite of the feeling that things are different.  Junk Hunk Hubby isn’t crazy about the silver tree but he’s letting me do my thing, which I’m grateful in allowing me to be unconventional this year ❤  He would rather have ‘a green tree’ so I’ll make sure that happens next year {but aluminum tree might also make an appearance}.  Happy Christmas decorating Junkers!

~ Junk Maven



Christmas Decorating: Mixing the Old with the New ?

Hey Junkers!
Have you got plans to get out this weekend….thrifting, junking, antiquing or to a craft show? I’ve started decorating for Christmas. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s new in our home this year >>>>>
I find my style changes over the years but there are always some pieces that I can’t leave in the box during special seasons while others make occasional appearances.
Do you / are you mixing the old with the new? What are your favorite pieces you decorate with during Christmas?
~ Junk Maven

Have you started to decorate for Christmas?

Celebrating Christmas

This year, of course, will be different, in more ways than one.  I’ve long loved the aluminum tree & color tree that my Dad’s parents had in the 60’s.  Not sure why it sticks in my noggin…but it does.  Then this year I found one on Amazon for an amaz-ing price so Junk Hunk Hubby said, “Get it!”  That’s super sweet of him, since he isn’t fond of it & would rather have a green tree, but he’s allowing me to have a decorating choice that is not our usual tradition.

I started decorating this weekend & the new aluminum tree is up, plus a few more things.  Hey, it’s a start!  Have you started?  What choices are you making this year?

~ Junk Maven


It’s Time : Ecclesiastes 3

Dear Junk Followers:

It’s been over a month since my last post.  Many of you who follow me are family & friends & are already aware I took that time to be with my family & help my parents navigate many medical & nursing home related decisions.  In that short amount of time my Dad passed away.  There are few words to describe this time for me.

Do you believe in signs?  It’s the little, unexplainable things that happen that you cannot rationalize, allowing us to feel as if the people we love are with us, even when they are gone.  I do…I’ve believed in signs as long as I can remember {deja vu too}!  While sharing family pictures on Facebook that same day, there were JMTSH notifications & for some reason I noticed my page likes were 475.  Nothing special, except to me.  It was a sign, from my Dad.  For some reason that was the number I’d been waiting for, some magical digit that meant something.  Thank you, Dad ❤

I had already decided to leave this blog, Facebook page & Instagram permanently.  At the time, it made sense.  My creative energy was on LOA.  I thought: maybe I should take up a new hobby.  But then, I realized, my love of vintage, rust, antiques, retro, etc. are because of my parents who were thrifty, they upcycled {before there was a word for it}, they restored & simply appreciated junk.  So, I rethought my decision & here we are, today.

This time around we’re going to have fun, be silly, make messes & be random : all the things that make life worthwhile because more than anything I realized, life is short!  Buy that junk, go on that trip, pee your pants laughing, pay it forward, smile at a stranger, enjoy the seasons, watch for those signs & all that other good stuff!

do you believe in signs

~ Junk Maven


Grateful for Listening to My Inner Voice

Hello Junkers:
This Brave Living post came to me this morning as an email. It stuck with me all day. I felt the need to share it to help explain my decision to slow down.
Family is everything, as I’m sure you would agree! This is where I want to put my energy. I’m grateful for listening to that quiet voice inside. I can’t thank you enough for being here! See you @ the next junk event 😜😍😉
~ Junk Maven

Dear Spread-Too-Thin Girl….

Is it time to pare your life down to the handful of things that mean the most to you, and let the rest go so that you can give the very best of yourself to the very best things…instead of being spread in a too-thin layer all over the place?

Your heart knows when it’s time…and you will have the strength to do it.

And best of all…you will see enormous changes happen in your life when you let the unimportant things go and embrace the things that quietly sustain you and bring you joy.

It may not look like the most glamorous life….but it is one filled with joy, peace and harmony….one where laughter is a welcome and frequent companion…one where worries are few…where long meaningful conversations are many…..one that is waiting for you when you are ready to take the steps to get there.

You can do amazing things with the simplest things. You can have so little and be so happy. You can take small amounts of time and perform life-changing acts.

Is it time to simplify?

Simplify today…..one little thing at time. You can do it.

You are so so loved.



Trick or Treat Tuesday x Three

Hello Junkers!

It’s the third Tuesday of sharing my Trick or Treat All Hallow’s Eve ideas.  When it comes to Autumn, I have more ideas than any other time of year.  Fall is my favorite time of year and Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I used to feel bad about saying that since I felt obligated to say Christmas was my favorite, but it’s true so I own it in my ‘older’ age.

Today I’m sharing Halloween costumes through the centuries.  I remember my Chinese Princess costume circa 1973.

Chinese Princess Halloween costume
Even though the mask was hot, my breath made condensation & I had to explain to everyone what I was ‘a Chinese Princess’ I still loved this costume.  We lived in Moscow, ID at the time & I remember watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown ❤

Through the years costumes have been made from many materials, it was all how much you could afford, wanted to spend & really how creative you could be.  That is still true today.  One quick search on Pinterest & you’ve got a bazillion Halloween costume ideas.  Here’s a walk through Halloween history & how much fun people were having:

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Above features the Victoria times through 1930’s.

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Images above are from 1940-1960’s.

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Above are the 1970-1990’s.

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The above images are a collection from 2000 to current of celebrities, the family group trend & more.

What are your favorite Halloween memories?  What was your favorite costume?  I remember when our son had friends over one year we did a scary theme with spooky music outside, faux blood dripped on their masks & clothes & Junk Hunk Hubby took the chain off a chain saw so they could scare the bejeebies out of some trick or treaters.  Innocent fun, right?!

Happy All Hallow’s Eve Junkers!

~ Junk Maven