Beach Cottage vs. Vintage Style

Haven’t we all misplaced something, sometimes something really important, right?  Well, a magazine article is not in that category but when I couldn’t find my all time favorite living room picture, I was rattled.  I could the pictures in my mind: the mantel, the sofa, the McCoy vases….& I could have sworn it was in my of my favorite junking magazines.  I even googled these things in images, nothing.

Recently, due to running out of storage {shhh, Junk Hunk Hubby does not need to know that} I sorted through my cabinet of magazines 20170309_181650 (1)to make room for more.  Sure enough, I found duplicates so that meant ones I could give to Mom & others to take to our favorite consignment shop.  Then it hit me: What if I tossed it or gave it away?  Thinking I knew which magazine I needed, I started the search.
{That’s another thing about me, I rarely give up on finding what I’m looking for.  I’ll search for days, even months.}  I then started making a list of all the issues of my favorite magazines & cross referencing them with the ones I already have to see what I might be missing {do I hear chuckles?}

This darn search has been going on for almost 6 months now & I’ve looked through that cabinet multiple times too, just ask the family.  The other day our college daughter misplaced some study notes.  I desperately tried to help her retrace her steps, suggested she look under her bed….everything I could think of but they haven’t turned up yet.  I’m not sure why but I started sorting through my cabinet again.  After there was about 2 dozen or so magazines all over the floor, I noticed a magazine stuck inside of another one – there is was!!!  Shock!  It wasn’t in Flea Market Style, Flea Market Decor or even Vintage Style or any other number of my misc. cottage magazines, it was a special publication: Beach Cottages from 2015!

I googled it again & wah-lah, I found it!  Of course I had to share it with all you junkers. There is not one thing I don’t like about this living room.  The rest of the Wisconsin lake home is pretty amazing too!  {I miss the lakes, I lived in Minnesota for 8 years when I was growing up, it’s my second home.}

Here’s a link to Coastal Living magazine’s feature of this great home & then I found the second link, an article featuring the home in 2008 that states Ernest Hemingway owned it!  Read them here:

Now back to my future {wishful thinking} living room  & more pictures:

20170309_070053 - Edited

Yep, this is it!!!  Hard to capture a double page layout so click the links above to get the best image & you too can drool   🙂   Notice the vintage vases on the mantel?


Makes me want to invite my friends over for another soiree…


Not sure I could live with this much pink, could you?  I do love it though!


Sitting out here with some junking magazines: what a way to spend a Sunday afternoon?!?!


Exterior of this lake home & some lake side fun & momentos.


Junking Friends, what elements do you see in your dream room or home?  Let me know!


Welcoming Colours of Spring


Hi Junkers!

Hi Junkers! I’m sharing another post from Vibeke Design. GreenGate cups, beautiful amethyst colored tulips & chippy furnishings = welcoming signs of Spring!  I’d love to have some fruit & a croissant with tea here, wouldn’t you? Ahhh, yes!

I’ve been a bit under the weather so if you follow me {thank you}, I’ve missed being here & hope you’ve all been well!

~ Lora @ JMTSH   🙂

Magnolia Journal Part Deux

As you know, one of my Christmas gifts {thanks, Mom} come in the mail every season, the Magnolia Journal magazine!  The Spring 2017 issue is just as wonderful as the first, if not a bit better.  There’s Chip’s contribution “Life on the Farm”, it’s a very good story; a fun, floral workshop with friends {you might recognize one of the ladies, she works for Joann & had Fixer Upper work their magic on her home}; some healthy  salad greens & smoothie recipes; a story about a lady in Texas who has an awesome, small ranch; some wardrobe influence; these great vintage images of bulb flowers; advise about subway tile choices & last, but not least, the last page ‘Magnolia Manifesto’ has some great ideas!

It’s not hard to tell that I love to share photos.  I’m very much a visual person, it’s even how I learn best & retain information.  That’s why I’m going to cut right to the pictures so I can share with you my tear-out favorites!  Oh, by the way, I don’t actually tear the pages out of the magazines, I can’t bring myself to do that, & besides magazines are something else I collect.

Here we go:


The cover: be sure to look for it in your local super center!


It wasn’t until last year that I started decorating with books, do you?


What a fun idea: friends & flowers!  Do you recognize the gal to the left? Chip & Jo worked magic on her home {she works for Joanna}.

20170308_195222_001 - Edited

HERE is the PHOTO that popped in my head when I saw the Country Living magazine picture  {see previous blog post!} with the flowers in the cabinet {& THAT cabinet is from Magnolia Home too!!!}  What  a quinky dink!


Admission: jealous! I love these flowers, the vessel, the colors: everything!


Could this also be called the Elvis smoothie?  🙂


These vintage-inspired bulb flowers images are worth framing ❤


I think my Junk Hunk Hubby is tired of hearing about subway tile but if you aren’t, this article is a great reference!


This little back page addition has some good thoughts!

What can we take away from these great ideas?  Be sure to take the time to smell the flowers, enjoy time with friends {& family}, see the beauty in nature, be creative when decorating your home & always find time for some me-time, even if it’s enjoying a few magazines.

Happy Magazine Reading Junkers!

Brave Junkin’

I’ve been spying some awnings on an abandoned, vintage trailer house for years, so today I was brave & ‘free styled’ {think American Pickers on History}! I found the owner but darn, not for sale.
It didn’t break my spirit, there will be more junk! I then headed to Goodwill & found Pyrex, Fire King & Fyrklovern treasures for the win!