Happy Spring 1st !

first day of Spring dance


Sprucing up for Spring

Hi Junkers!

It’s enjoyable to decorate for the holidays but it might be more fun to decorate for the seasons!  We’re just able to appreciate all the visual treasures longer, right!  That’s why when Valentine’s Day was over it was time to put different things together.  I love to rearrange but since our living room is small & includes an outside door, a doorway & stairs along with complicated outlets it’s unheard of for me to move the furniture so instead my decor gets refreshed a lot.

I have maybe three boxes full of old, new, vintage, antique, etc. decor that I love.  It’s sort of like going shopping & funny thing, I do forgot what I have sometimes, so that’s entertaining, ha.  Here is what I’ve done with the mustard-colored cabinet area lately:

Sorry it’s a bit fuzzy, but you get the idea  🙂
The bible quote wood sign is a chalk paint stencil I did with one of my BFF’s at a local-ish painting shed shop.  Items are: oil can heart : Old Parts New Hearts, bird candle holder : a gift, McCoy pot : What Cheer Flea Market,  vase : eBay, the old books : Spring City Vintage,  greenery : Black Bird Primitives, vintage tablecloth : Mary Jobs @ What Cheer Flea Market & frame : Hobby Lobby.
See the frames on the left side of the picture?  Full image below:
Item resources:  vintage frames : various events, metal bird bucket : Dollar General, greenery & nest stick : Black Bird Primitives. 

Have any of you got bitten by the Spring bug yet?  The rest of the living room is coming together.  One project is repotting some plants & picking out new flooring.  Still no compromise on the stairs {that still have hunter green carpet but Junk Hunk Hubby won’t budge on getting rid of it, lol}.

Happy Spring Sprucing!

~ Junk Maven


Zhuzhed Up Bulletin Board

Hi Junkers!

If I had to guess, lots of you out there have a 9-5’er like me, that supports your junk habit, right?  Mine has been on the stressful side lately & I have a new, smaller office.  My old office was spruced up with wall decor & knick knacks but I had it all boxed up.  Over the weekend I sorted it all & chose what was coming back.

I had decided the bulletin board needed zhuzhed up.  It just so happened that we were in the town with Hobby Lobby so I picked up some new fabric.  This time I used duck fabric {denim-like with thick fibers} instead of the cotton.

I left the border the same black it already had & made sure the new fabric was a good compliment.  It’s an older, in decent shape bulletin board & where the cork meets the frame it has a bit of wiggle room.  I cut the fabric & left about 3/4 inch extra from the inside of the frame.  Then I used a serrated edged butter knife to push the fabric in between the frame & cork along all sides.   See photos to get a better idea of this process.

Here are the before & after pictures :

Before ^ there was batik fabric in a blue/gray speckle pattern.
One edge done, three to go.
Here ^ is the fabric around the inside of the frame.  Using the serrated edge of the butter knife, it is fairly easy to grip the fabric & push it under the edge.
At first I used the smooth edge to get the fabric started, then switch to the ridged edge of the knife where you can get some leverage & really tuck it up under.
Another close up of the process.
Finished bulletin board!

I have to say I’m very pleased with the way it turned out 🙂  I will forever miss my old office that is now a storage room.  I enjoyed having a window & being able to see the birds.  Now I’ve got these cute birds to keep me company!

Happy Zhuzhing Something Up!

~ Junk Maven


Thrifting, Treasures & Mom

Hi Junkers!

With the weekends being a bit crazy, I decided to take Monday off from the 9-5’er & took Mom to DSM thrift store shopping!  We set out early, map in hand, & made it to some new-to-us places & a couple tried-n-true ones as well.  I’m giving Facebook links so you can ‘like’ them & find yourself some treasures too!

I almost passed up on this beautiful print, sure glad I changed my mind.  Found the perfect spot for it too.

When Mom & I heard that a new Stuff Etc. store had opened, we knew we had to go!  With College Girl no longer near the Ankeny store, it made even more sense.  The above print came from there along with a couple Summer dresses & a few gift items.  Mom found some cute home decor & misc things; our shopping cart was full….as usual….teehee.

Mom was looking for a new end table & an adorable white wicker one was sitting, waiting for her at TLC Vintage Collection at a super reasonable price too.  When she got it home, it was perfect 🙂

A new, fun place was Do Overz!  It’s super roomy with a huge selection {furniture, home decor, Pyrex & antiques too}.  I found the little cube picture in the next photo:

I got it mostly because it made me smile & reminded me of me & my Junk Hunk Hubby 🙂  The quote says ” Life is not a matter of counting years, but a matter of making years count “

Other places worth mentioning are ReStyle {beautiful selection of women’s consignment clothing, accessories & purses}, HCI Giving Tree {what a good cause to support & lots of variety: clothing, furniture & home decor} & Changing Places {high end used furniture & home decor}.

The best part was just being out & about with my Mom ❤ .  We had some much needed, good laughs & on the way home we saw a few pair of swans in a corn field!

Make sure you get a chance to support small business & causes & have some fun too!

Happy Thrifting!

~ Junk Maven



Arts & Crafts Show Haul

Hi Junkers!

It’s my firm belief that us junkers are a creative bunch, whether we collect, make it ourselves or both & we appreciate the innovators!  The weather was just on the verge of being nasty, as you might know if you live in the Midwest, but despite the hovering 32 degrees & a dreary mist/rain we made it to the Des Moines Spring Arts & Crafts Show @ the state fairgrounds.  Junk Hunk Hubby came along & he our son & a friend at a fish swap meet thingy, also on the fairgrounds.  That’s a win~win, right?!?!  {Seriously, going solo to the craft show, it’s a dream come true, lol!}

My goal of only spending my cash & not use my debit card was a success.  There were SO many awesome goods to choose from & there was a good crowd so I’m hoping the vendors did well.  Four lovely items came home with me {no photos of JHH’s lures & sinkers, ha}:

L to R:  the framed map w/quote is from DK Soup & Design Studio, the ILTSOOY word board is from Clear Creek Ranch & Signs, the steampunk key necklace is from Barnyard Steamworks & the LOVE heart is from Old Parts New Hearts. 

Please be sure to check out these amazing & friendly vendors that I’ve tagged on my Facebook post today along with some others that I was very impressed with but sadly, my cash supply was depleted.

Happy Arts & Crafts Finds Junking Friends!

~ Junk Maven