It’s Time…..

Hi Junkers!

If you remember, several months back, I considered leaving this blog {FB & IG too} & have it become a happy memory.  Then I had a change of heart & was realized I loved sharing this little piece of my junk world with you.  Since then we’ve had more fun adventures, bonded over my hand-made junk images & shared some amazing events.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when this little voice in the back of my mind started nagging me.  It reminded me about the amount of time I’ve devoted to creation: coming up with ideas, content, writing, planning a trip that doesn’t materialize for a myriad of different reasons, computer issues, editing photos {most times couldn’t have done it without College Girl} & more.  Like a recent post where I talked about having lots of ideas, just not finishing them….I’ve come to accept it as my anthem.

I then decided I wanted to make jewelry again so I did.  I love the creative outlet, so many ideas swimming around.  Then I realized, I don’t wear necklaces > love them, but not to wear.  Then thought I’d sell them.  I laugh.  Same skills needed for this blog:  ideas, editing, hours on the computer, google searches of ‘how to sell handmade jewelry’….see a pattern here?

I guess what I’m trying to say is, after careful consideration I’ve made a bittersweet decision to say au revoir to JMTSH.  This was not an easy decision but after a few weeks of pondering, I know this is the direction I need to be going.  I don’t know what, or if, there will be another ‘project’ in the future.  Time will tell.  One things for sure, I will never stop loving junk 🙂  Thanks for being here all!!!

So please, please do me a favor dear junker, KEEP ON JUNKIN’ !!!!!!!!

au revoir vintage-kiss-goodbye-38361900

~ Junk Maven


The Heirloom Gypsy

Hi Junkers!

I’ve been waiting {to be brave enough} to share with you my new adventure!  I have a new jewelry business:  The Heirloom Gypsy ❤  This jewelry line blends vintage, retro & antique gems with newer findings to create one-of-a-kind treasures you can wear anywhere, anytime.

Many years ago one of my college besties had a co-worker show us jewelry making basics.  I remember not being that interested in the idea but once we got started, I was hooked!  I then made bracelets for family & friends & through word of mouth including those once-popular name bracelets made with square, silver beads, remember those?

I had put it all away, only getting out when I needed to fix something of mine or occasionally make myself something new.  Recently though, one of my besties asked me to alter some of her bracelets & we came up with some new things for her.  I realized how much I had missed being creative.  Plus, it’s a great stress reducer when the 9-5’er gets to me, ha!

When I came up with the idea of mixing old with some new, I had so many ideas swimming in my head.  I’m starting with necklaces so there’s a chance I’ll expand.  I’ve decided to give each treasure a unique name, something that reflects it’s character.  I’m excited to share them all with you!

Here are the first few items to be listed:


Please check out The Heirloom Gypsy ‘s FB page for full descriptions & pricing.  Also, feel free to share my FB posts, tag a friend who you think might be interested in one of the creations & of course LIKE the FB page to show support, get updates on all the new bling & be sure to give me some feedback or suggestions 🙂

~ Happy New Adventures

~ Junk Maven {& Heirloom Gypsy}


Act my Age ?!?!

Hi Junkers!

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!  I’ve stopped by the library yesterday to get another Mary Kay Andrews book; read one on vacation, another since we’ve been back & can’t put them down!  Another thing I learned is that Mary Kay is realy good friends with Ki Nassauer from the Flea Market Style magazine & Junk Bonanza!  Would they but fun to hang out with or what !?!?

Then today College Girl & I cleared out her room, cleaned & moved furniture.  She still had things from her apartment in there!  We’re not done sorting & rearranging, after 3 hours later & we needed a break, ha.  Lots will go in storage for now until the next move, some to the consignment store & a few things to Goodwill.  Is there such a thing as early Summer cleaning? 🙂

What are you up to this weekend?  Don’t these girls look like they’re having fun? LOL

act my age

Happy Junkin’!

~ Junk Maven