Junk Gyspy’s New Book!

Have you heard the latest over @ Junk Gypsy’s?  The Junk Duo have released a new book, “Designing a Life at the Crossroads of Wonder & Wander”.  It’s said to be a combination of sharing designs from some celebrity projects, stories of junk hunting along with their known addition to flea markets.
Get this treasured publication soon, now available @ Amazon!  The video below is a small snippet of their promo:

Junk Gypsy Blog

Junk Gypsy Company Facebook page

GypsyVille : where to shop


Autumn Decorating @ Magazine Monday

Have I mentioned, I love Fall?  LOVE, Autumn?  There is not one thing about it that I don’t love.  Okay, other than it doesn’t last for 7+ months of the year, yah, maybe that one. 
There’s nothing better that the crisp, fresh, cool air; the fragrance of pumpkin, smoke from leaf piles burning, wool blankets; & the way it just seems to make the world a better place.
I recently picked up Country Sampler’s Special Autumn Decorating @ the local market. Once again, the cover had me at first glance.  I thumbed through it quickly & waited to savor all the glorious Fall pages until I got home, not wanting to ruin some of the surprise. This magazine is still available🙂  Click on Autumn Decorating above to find the link to order one if you can’t find it in your area.  They even have the 2015 back issue available!
Honestly, if I shared all my favorite photos from this issue, we’d both be here all day. Instead, you’ll be ready to get your own after these few photos:


Magazine cover being photo-bombed by my Bundt pan Autumn wreath!


This old, chippy, adorable urn has SO many possibilities….but with the pumpkins & corn stalk it really shines.


There as so many great ideas in this issue & so little time!


FULL tutorial on how to make this cute sunflower bunting/garland all yours or as a gift; who wouldn’t want one?


The whole house is getting an Autumn makeover here ~ SWOON!


More How-To’s: they’ve even included a coastal decorating as a possible avenue, how thoughtful to this sometimes forgotten style!


Is the paper flower thing catching on?  I think so!



Where can I find a picture like that to zhuzh up ?


I loved how this ad about ‘Christmas Traditions’ is getting in the Autumn spirit!

Well, now I know you are craving more so get over to the link above & get your Autumn Decorating mo-jo going.  Just think too of all the fabulous junkie things you can add to these ideas: wire baskets, a little wooden-chippy fencing, or group some oil/gas cans around the pumpkins along with this vines.  Currently I’m on the hunt for wild rose hips and bittersweet!


Reminder of today/this weekend Junking


Calling all Junkers! Get out there today: whether you take a road-trip & discover a roadside treasure, visit your favorite antique or primitive store or really want to get your junk on, it’s always time to junk 🙂
Here are reminder of events that are today/this weekend. It’s not too late to head out, so get those comfy shoes on, put some 1’s in your wallet & GO:
Spring City Vintage, The Geneva Market – 4th Annual Fall Market, Carlisle Pickers Day with a Side of Bacon, Vintage & Made Fair, Vintage Market Days of Omaha, Iowa’s Largest Arts & Craft Show In Des Moines, Junk Bonanza Minneapolis, Kathys Barn, Fall Open House and Tent Sale &Firehouse Flea just to name a few 🙂

Happy Weekend Junk Hunting!!!

Granny Chic Design

Hello Vintage Thrifters!

Quite a few years back {2007 to be exact} this amazing crafter started a blog about her alter ego, named Dottie Angel who lived at Mossy Shed .  She coined her style as Granny Chic & I was hooked!  Alas, Dottie’s world became quiet this March with owner Tif’s last post {sniff} but luckily for us the blog remains in its original wonderfulness.  Every so often I walk down the lane & say Hello! to Ethel, her trusty sewing machine, Shark, her new iron & Gladys, her air-stream @ Mossy Shed.
Tif is the creator of this magical place.  Her sing-songy ramblings certainly do entertain & give you the feeling you could knock on her door & sit for a spot of tea all the while chatting about grand thrifty things.  Tif’s real life does resemble Mossy Shed a bit, it’s all sort of intertwined & drawns you in.
Clicking on her About Moi blog tab gives you all the necessary details to keep things straight, if you want.  She gives encouragement with such sayings as “2.  do follow the righteous and goodly path of thriftiness”  That is very good advise by the way.  Dottie Angel has all sorts of fun things going on.  She collects vintage fabrics, lace & doilies & does create & imagine the nicest of home accessories.  Knitting is a favorite past time of hers.
Tif has penned two books:  Granny Chic:  Crafty Recipes & Inspiration for the Handmade Home by Dottie Angel & Dottie Angel the peachy craft world of tif fussel {both links here are via Amazon since these publications are now out of print}.  I have had my books {both bought in eBay – did you know there is an eBay.uk?} for a few years.  They are dearly cherished!  Although I’m not a daily crafter like Tif, despite trying, it is lovely to see the world through Tif’s rose colored specs.
I’ve long wanted to share her universe & as I pull my books out to collect information, I find it’s impossible to get all the tid bits into this post!  So my suggestion is, of course, to nab the Granny Chic bibles for yourself & get to know this exciting place.
You’ll notice she has a distinct style of photography.  Most of her ‘self portraits’ include standing on a bench of some sort {be sure to read about Instagram Bench Monday’s} with her form from the shoulders down only.  She’s known for adding small embroidery stitching to the most ordinary of garments.  Slips and aprons and clogs are some of her favorite attire & I have to say I love the style.  And there are those times when she shares her most thriftiest treasures & you can just about hear her heart skip a beat that precede these adventures.
Thrifting just goes hand in hand while decorating with vintage, antiques & junk is why I am including this Granny Chic style legend in my blog.  It’s all about blending & making your house a home with what ever makes you wild with content.  It’s about embracing found items in their original condition.  Not to be confused with shabby-chic which is more of the romantic style.  Granny Chic is more homey & comfy but making sure it’s quaint & things don’t clash.
See how she’s captured the hearts of trend followers with the Granny Chic style!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Vintage Thrift Shoppe Shopping  :-)

Find Dottie Angel blog here❤

Cottage County on Magazine Monday

Hello Magazine Monday Junk Honeys!

The minute I saw the cover of this magazine, I was in love.  It was on the newsstand, just waiting for me I know it.  Magazine collectors, don’t you get that same feeling sometimes? When the editors get it just right & the cover draws you in only to be more overjoyed with what’s inside?
This issued does not dissappoint!  Romantic Homes presents Cottage Country, the Rustic Revival Fall 2016 issue.  It’s chalked full of 100+ pages of country, cottage, vintage, rustic collections, styles, etc. that are sure to pique some interest!
I have to tell you though, that my favorite article starts on page 82.  ” Nature’s Palette” highlights a creative lady, Vibeke Svenningsen, { Vibeke Design Group} who lives in a  beautiful home in the woods of Norway.  Her Facebook page is something I stumbled upon a while ago.  The Scandinavian style has long been a favorite of mine.
The photography shared on her blog & Facebook pages are incredibly beautiful.  There is a touch of English cottage as well as French inspired decor.  From room to room & out into her garden, it’s just lovely.  To see these for your self, visit her here: Vibeke Design Blog.
There is more paper eye candy so see if you can find this magazine!

Here are some charming photos from the magazine that really capture the essence of what this issue is about:


Cover of the Fall 2016 issue


This is a great article that all collectors will really relate to.


Oooooo, Mason Jars!  I never get tired of them!


Don’t you just want to hand out here for a few hours, if not longer?  Uh huh, me too!


Cottage Love <3 


The kitchen & bathroom are quaint & simple!


Here is Vibeke’s story:


The photography many times has the most adorable vignettes!


Often times it’s a scale with linens & enamelware.


The mix of greens, blues, creams & browns are beautiful.


Paint can do wonders, right ?!?!


~ French Country Cottage & Tips ~


See how easy it is to make this faux vintage framed art.


Aqua at it’s finest, swoon!

No matter your style, I just know you’ll love if not at the very least, be able to appreciate the decor in this magazine….Happy Monday Junkers!