Junk Hunks Unique Shopping Experience @ Re-home of Winterset


MEN ONLY! VIP Shopping night at re:home

Wednesday, December 14 from 5-8pm

Grab a re:home wish list from the shop (or here on our Facebook page) and fill out the back with all your re:home Christmas wishes. Then join us for beer and manly munchies while we wrap your gifts – for free!

Merry Christmas Easy Peasy Shopping @ Re-home of Winterset!

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Shopping, baking, wrapping, mailing Christmas cards, lists, cleaning & spreading good cheer is all part of the holiday celebration but one thing that is easy to forget is the reason we are celebrating in the first place:  Jesus’ Birthday!
For a few years now I’ve not put out our nativity set because we got rid of the home entertainment center.  It always looked perfect there, plenty of room.  This year, as I mentioned, our Daughter asked about it.  I’m SO happy she did!
I’m sharing a few pictures of how it turned out this time, in the corner of the living room where it can’t be bothered & we can all see it.  I’m loving it!

Williraye Studio is the designer of the nativity set.


I like the soft light that the lamp gives the scene, don’t you?


More of an overhead view.


You can still see all the pieces with this angle.

Have fun decorating for Christmas, Junking Friends❤

Calling Iowa {& other states} Junk Vendors, Here’s a Flea Market to Consider!

Let’s see some of you great Iowa {or surrounding states as well!} vendors @ this event. Your participation allows these newer places to grow & is how we junkers support small businesses in a larger scale.
If your a vendor reading this, thank you for entertaining the idea of jumping on board!


Love Junk Flea Market Facebook pages can be found here to get more details!

Need A Last Minute Vintage Gift Idea? JMTSH is sharing some favorites!


OMGosh, are you scrambling to find a vintage gift for that hard-to-find-junker?  I’m happily sharing some of my favorite ‘junkish’ finds to help your Christmas shopping stay on track.  These items are sure to get on the right path.  Whether the links below go to one items or a website, there will be other great products & inspiring ideas within that particular post.

Here’s a rundown of the images in the collage above ~ top to bottom & left to right {except for the JMTSH with snowflakes, it’s cute though, huh? }  :

1.  The vintage, shiny box of ornaments are from Green Gate.  A Denmark company that is full, & I mean FULL, of beautiful, inspiring Scandinavian home decor= my new fixation, ha!
2.  How versatile are wreaths?  They can be made with a long list of materials but Christmas is probably the most popular time of year for them.  I love this one with pine cones from Magnolia Market.
3.  I’ve seen some pillows similar to these Reindeer Feed pillows in other shops.  Neutral colors will go with all Christmas decor & as a last minute gift, Farmhouse Wares has you covered.
4.  JunkStock’s shop is now open with lots to choose from.  There are bazillions of coffee drinkers but for me, this adorable Junk Mug will hold some hot cocoa or spiced cider.
5.  Etsy has so many featured junkin’/vintage jewelry items but this necklace just really popped off the screen at me.
6.  My first visit this year to Spring City Vintage made me want to visit every time it’s open.  In the image, notice the wall {yes, nearly the entire wall} is chalked full of books.  I didn’t know what I was missing, they have completely zhuzhed up my home decor.  I’m hooked.
7.  Who doesn’t love a Mason Jar?  World Market has a huge selection of goods related to these vintage icons.  I have the utensil holder & measuring spoons.  Search ‘Mason jars’ & wa-la, a long list of more fun things.
8.  Remember bottle trees?  There are traditional hunter green but also pastel colors too.  I recently saw the Brick & Mortar in Pella had some featured on their Facebook page.  So many fun decorating options with these vintage beauties!

A big Junkin’ Thank You to these Great Companies:

Green Gate
Magnolia Market
Farmhouse Wares
Spring City Vintage
World Market

Happy Vintage Junkin’ Shopping & remember, if you find something you love, you’ve been very good this year & Santa would want you to have it {wink ~ wink} !













Calling All Junkers:

I’m sure you’ve got some last minute shopping to do, maybe a little nook that still needs decorated or better yet, something for you because Santa would agree you’ve been very good this year!
Well, you’ll find that perfect piece for the vintage lover here >>> North Creek Antiques in Pella!  They are having a Christmas in the Country Open House starting on Dec. 1st!
Here is the link to get the full scoop over on Facebook🙂
NCA black truck
Happy December🙂

The Latest, New & Improved issue of Flea Market Style Magazine!

The wait is over!  After two years since Harris Publishing closed it’s doors & the issues of the first series of Flea Market Style magazine ceased, it is now relaunched with vintage authority Ki Nassauer & entrepreneur Celeste Shaw as co-editors to bring us even better images & articles exploding with valuable info, creativity, inspiration & stories!

I remember messaging Ki on Facebook months ago, asking if she knew anything about FMSM making a come back. She was sweet to tell me she thought it would be brought back to life & would make an announcement when you knew more.  How likely is it that she was already working on the Winter 2017 issue?  I would guess she & Celeste were🙂

Now that the issue has been made available to the junk nation, I’m happy to feature it on Magazine Monday.  My photos of the publication doesn’t do it justice.  Of course, my suggestion is for you to get this issue for yourself, savor it page by page & treasure the wealth of vintage & junk charm!

Please enjoy my selection of favorite images with a little bit of commentary🙂


Fantastic Cover: I’m in LoVe with this green velvet couch!


Contents Page: page after page of junking/vintage finds!


See what I mean: inspiration of the vintage kind that is super budget friendly!


Knobs are a great way to zhuzh up not only a dresser or cabinet but on a barn board for coat rack…the possibilities are endless!


This glue guide would be a tear out but….I couldn’t!  So instead put a sticky note on the page for easy finding!


As you know, I’m crushing on anything Scandinavian so this is super dreamy!


The materials used in this space really draw me in, but that chandelier, WOW!


Celeste & Ki takes us on a day by day trip in antique heaven/Texas!


Medicine cabinets of this style have always been on my wish list!


Oh yes they did….included a family story wrapped in traditions about food made with love!


Wanna know where you can get more flea market style across the US?  They’ve got a list of places you have to see!

Happy Flea Market Styling Magazine Lovers!


Sometimes a story just writes itself…

A lazy day today, Junkers.  Older son got a new car so we helped him take the borrowed one back to Grandma & Grandpa.  Then it was time for College Daughter to go back to the apartment & school for the week.  Mid-day it started to mist, then it was a full rain, making it feel much colder than it is {I refuse to call it cold outside yet}.

I did manage to put the Autumn/Halloween decorations away & traded them for the Winter/Christmas things.  By the time I got the craft room/office moved around to navigate all these sacks, boxes & totes I was out of the mood to actually decorate.  Oh well, isn’t that what a rainy day is for?  It’s perfect for doing nothing, so that is what I’m trying to perfect today.

While cruising Pinterest, clicking on this and that, I found myself far from the original image that brought me to:  Lismary’s Cottage.  After the last click, I realize the page was loading slowing because it is translating.  From what language, I’m not sure.  Not all the words were able to cross-over so it’s a bit involved in reading but you get the gist of it.  A few minutes later I saw, at the bottom of the page, another post that looks like it was worth seeing called “Don’t throw anything away…”  It could be a story of vintage nature, right?

Of course it was.  It was about the author’s Grandmother, Grandparents, doing what they do best, teaching us, telling stories from their life experiences ‘with love & wisdom’❤  It lead into hard work & cooking with the lessons that can be learned from their struggles. This seems to be a poignant moment as I’m reading it on the weekend of Thanksgiving when we are reminded to be ever so grateful for the people in our lives & when I’ve just finished a family cookbook, on my Mom’s side.  It gives me reflection, a few stolen moments to think about what is really important in our lives & to make sure we consciously think about that more often.


I hope this finds you all you junkers in a peaceful, vintage mood!

If you’d like to read the blog entry, here is the link; enjoy:


Thanks to LisMary’s Cottage!  {Funny thing, I looked for her Facebook page long after I wrote & edited this post but so glad to have found it here !}



Are you a Flea Market Flip show Fan?

Having first premiered on HGTV back in 2012, Flea Market Flip, a documentary series, hosted by Laura Spencer, can now be found on the Great American Country channel.  It just started it’s eighth season this month.

Have you seen it, are you a fan?  If not, it’s worth checking out.  The basic premise is two teams of two junk lovers are given a list of items they need to buy, per the hostess, at the lowest price possible while pre-decided flea markets with the $500 they are given.  The teams then need to fix their purchased wares, if necessary, and fix-up, combine or up-cycle them into sell-able, unique, one-of-a-kind items. Given only 24 hours to shop and then 24 hours to do their magic, the hostess then has the teams set up at another flea market to sell their treasures where the most profitable team wins the competition & the top prize is $5,000.00.

At first I was super excited to watch a show about one of my favorite past times: going to flea markets.  Then for the teams to actually buy & combine items to make something new, now that’s a great idea.  I’m not big on actual competition shows so maybe that’s way it was a bit hard to watch at times.  The team members are sometimes pretty critical of the other team’s plans, items: during the restoration period & after and while selling.  Most times, Laura, the hostess, gives advise to the team needing it the most which might seem a bit unfair.

For a reality-style show, it’s a bit unrealistic.  I mean, how many people do you know that have these state of the art tools or experienced carpenters at their disposal?  In my projects, I improvise a lot.  I believe it adds to the creative process & makes you think of alternative ways to do something or make it work.  But if you have the tools & you or family/friends are skilled, you are very lucky!

All in all, it’s a fine show & you can gain some great inspiration.  For me, it’s not always worth the time to watch while wading through the other bigger chunks of time, waiting for the few good parts.  If you do want to catch it, you can find current episodes on cable & on Amazon for download viewing.

Maybe you are or will become a tried & true fan you’ll be marveled at the true junkers, hunting for treasures, giving them new life & turning it into a profit for the next junk lover who can appreciate their hard work & creativity.  Either way, watch it religiously or hit & miss, you’re bound to see that others appreciate junk & that’s pretty cool!

flea market flip before and after.jpg

Before & After Projects for FMF

Happy Flipping Junk!

Attn: Businesses! Get Featured Here!


That’s right!  At the bottom of this page, I’ve added a favorites section, chalked full of blogs, websites, Facebook & YouTube links & suggestions of the people, places & things that get & keep me inspired!

What to be featured?  Message me & introduce me to your little corner of the world!

Thank you all for being here with me on this Junk Journey!