I’m Excited To Be A Guest Blogger for Flea Market Insiders


OMGosh, you’ll never guess….I’m published again!

I noticed an Instagram post from Flea Market Insiders a while ago asking for guest bloggers to write articles for their fantastic website.  At first, I thought, Yes, let’s do this.  Then, I second guess myself.  Do you do that too?  There was instant self doubt, still is, but I’m putting myself out there so I hope it’s well received.

Be sure & visit Flea Market Insiders website & Facebook pages, they are an amazing group that give you the best event information from around the world & from so many sources.  Search for exactly what you’re looking for, they have a library full of knowledge!

My article “The 7 Best Iowa Flea Markets You Don’t Want To Miss” went online today & I’m so very excited!  It was so very HARD to choose but I had to make sure I had been to them to give honest opinions, that’s only fair!  There are so many great events, businesses, vendors & shops in Iowa so this is in no way meant to leave anyone out 😦
I always try to share as many junk occasions & encourage people to let me know about more!

Please check it out & I hope you are able to go junkin soon!

~ Junk Maven


Weekend Junkin’ Events

Hello All Junk Lovers!

It’s Thursday again & JMTSH is sharing all the events over on the Facebook page so there’s no excuse to not get out there & grab some treasures!  I’ll be working my 9-5’er this weekend but I’m making up for it the next weekend {What Cheer, Galena & Dubuque}!

Thurday's are for sharing

Let us know where you were able to visit & what you added to your collection or something that might be the start of a collection!

~ Junk Maven


Junkin’ Around With My New Felt Letter Board

felt board 092417 1

Hi Junk Creatives!

Have you seen a lot of felt letter boards around lately?  I have & they looked like SO much fun!  I’ve searched & searched for months, trying to find the sizes, colors & prices that were right for me {sort of like when I was looking for my ‘aqua junk wagon’ aka: Ford Escape in sea glass ~ swoon}.

It all came together about a week or so ago when I found the letter board I’d been wishing for & it was a 1/4 of what was on Ebay.  Colored letters in a different font aren’t easy to find & when I did, although ‘on sale’, they were still on the wish list.  Then on another search, these dual color set with symbols, numberrs & full cursive words seemed like the right deal.

Not only will I share funnies with you >my Junk Mob<, but the family will be able to use it for parties & get togethers;  it’s a great way to be creative in a short amount of time.  I follow #thepinkhooha on Instagram who shares fun sayings & song lyrics on a pink felt letter board with white letters…it’s just adorable!  I’ll be highlighting quirky quotes, inspiring quips &/or excerpts, this is going to be a hoot!

Here’s what I’ll be using to inspire & tickle your funny bone:

felt board 092417 6
^ this is the board I’m using
felt board 092417 5
^ this is the fun words, letters, numbers & symbols in two colors
felt board 092417 4
^ this is the other side of the box
felt board 092417 3
^ everything neat & tidy in one organizer
felt board 092417 2
^ a blank canvas…oh the possibilities
felt board 092417 1
^ my first

I couldn’t wait to share this!  Junk Hunk Hubby laughed at how excited I was to get it all organized & then show you my first creative board , teehee!

Happy Fun Fonts!

~ Junk Maven


DIY Fall 2017 issue by BHG & Inspiration

Hi Vintage Companions:

Better Homes & Gardens has once again given us a Special Interest Publication that is chalked full of worthy & inspirational projects.  Get your own issue while it’s still on shelves today.

I’ve got so many things I want to share here with you all I almost passed on this one.  But when I saw the back cover ad, I knew I just had to give you a peek!  Then I picked a couple more pictures that have my creativity piqued.  One area of our home that needs some zhuzhing up is the front porch.  The squirrels have taken a liking to nibbling on the wood where there is salt residue from Winter.  The lattice in one spot has been broken… how…. I have no idea, I mean, who gets that close, there is a prickly bayberry bush & a hosta in front of it!  The railing is iron {not very attractive} & the steps are plain cement. Anyway, it’s been looking online for a long time for some attractive lattice & wah-lah, I found it in this issue!

I’m always inspired by bathroom make-overs too.  They aren’t too popular, like kitchen or living room upgrades, maybe because we don’t spend much time there?  Anyway, the one in this issue is Pin-able!

Then there is this adorable cabinet that holds a few quilts.  As I mentioned, this is a hot button item for me right now.  After showing off my quilts to you all, I want to see them more often so a cabinet or hutch of some kind is definitely on my radar these next few weeks as I trek through flea markets….stay tuned 😉

DIY Fall 2017 issue cover
The Cover:  The She Shed alone is an attention grabber, am I right ?!?!


DIY Fall 2017 issue quilt showcase
Being a long-time window lover I could see this as an option if that ‘take me home’ hutch isn’t in my future.
DIY Fall 2017 lattice
This is some legit lattice, makes me want to get the porch done now….


DIY Fall 2017 bathroom
This bathroom is great!  Normally I like a lot of color, our current one certainly has a lot, but the natural woods, gray & white is something I could live with.
DIY Fall 2917 Vintage and Made Fair
Yay!  The back cover is a full page ad for Vintage & Made Fair, in the heart of Iowa {same as BHG/Meredith Corp.} ❤  I consider this market a classic!

Get your subscription here:

Check out their Facebook page for more inspiration:

The Vintage & Made Fair is here:

What publications, images &/or events get you inspired?  Happy dreaming!

~ Junk Maven

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Road Trippin’ Time

road trippin

Ok Junk Peeps, it’s time to get out there….grab the last bits of Summer or get your groove on with the beginnings of Autumn with some junkin’ events & call shotgun {front seat}!

My Facebook page is sharing all the events that are in the Iowa/Mid-west area & beyond…if I’ve seen it on FB & thought it looked like vintage fun, then I’m sharing with you all so you too can get some junk goodies!

~ Junk Maven


Goodwill {& thrifting} is my Cardio

Since Junk Hunk Hubby & I are empty nesters, the concept of a solo shopping excursion is someone foreign to me.  Sure, this is College Girl’s second year out of the house but I rarely made it ‘to town’ by myself.  When I say ‘to town’ it’s a family expression.  We live in a small town with roughly 3700 villagers.  We have two grocery stores, two Casey’s general stores, two banks…you get the idea.  But we don’t have Wal-Mart or anything of much variety.

Going ‘to town’ involves being able to go places that you normally go.  That’s why when I’m faced with family being busy with other things & I want to go somewhere, it’s a little strange to go by myself.  I envy the people who dine alone, go to movies alone, just for the pure enjoyment of it!  So a couple weekends ago I had a free afternoon & decided to check out a Goodwill about 25 miles from here.  It was fun!  I found JHH a couple long sleeve thermal shirts & a nice Fossil look-alike purse.

Then Mom & I were able to get to that same Goodwill a week later.  This last weekend College Girl needed a one-time ‘business’ outfit for an upcoming class so off to Goodwill to see what we could find {& were lucky}.  Here are a few pictures of some miscellaneous things while looking around:

I thought this snowman head was super cool!  Remember in the 70’s there was a lot of these types of tinsel wrapped decorations, they are being reproduced again.
It might have been early September but I’m always ready for Halloween!
I couldn’t decide if I actually liked these three tiles or not….not my style but very colorful & seemed to tell a story.
What I would have done for a Ken Barbie-doll with hair AND ready for the wedding, Swoon!  I was a BIG Barbie doll lover back in the day.
This basket liner was handmade, Mom & I decided.  A little on the 80’s side but still cute.
This reminded me of the Brini Maxwell-ish mid-century modern things I’ve been seeing lately.
If this would have had a lid, it might have come home with me.  Although not Pyrex, still cute & functionable.

The I found these while clothes shopping with College Girl:

Every girl needs a pair of junkin’ boots!  Well, I already have a pair but they aren’t this cute, teehee!
They still have a lot of life left in them.  Chooka is the brand, have you heard of it?  I hadn’t but a quick Google search led me to more cute styles!

So this is a good example of what you can find when thrifting & hitting the Goodwill-type places!  Did you know you can shop Goodwill stores online too?  It’s like eBay as in it’s a bid till there is a winner.  No Buy-It-Now options but prices are decent and the selection is Goodwill stores from all across the USA!  If you collect a specific item, you might try looking, it’s worth a try!

Happy Thrift Treasure Hunting!

~ Junk Maven



Upcoming Events….Facebook Share & Share Alike

share and share alike

Hello Dolls & Guys!

I got to thinking, if I’m sharing events on FB, I should give you all, my lovely blog readers, a heads up that once a week I try to share upcoming events!  Of course, I usually only know the ones in our general area, sometimes further away too, but mostly Iowa/the MidWest USA but you might be in our neighborhood, right?  Sure!

So check out what’s going on here in a few days & maybe, just maybe, you’ll be in a vacinity & can get your junk on!

Happy Almost Weekend!

~ Junk Maven



Zhuzhed Up Dollar General Autumn Decor Sign

Hi Autumn Lovers!

Don’t you just love this time of year?  Well, it’s my absolute favorite!  Mornings & evenings are cooler, the Virginia creeper is turning red, I’m on the hunt for my very own secret hiding place of bittersweet {second year so far} & I’ve gotten the Fall/Halloween decorations out of the closet.

While sorting what I wanted to use & what had to stay in totes {sshhhh, yeah I have so much stuff I have to mix & match different stuff each year, which is kinda fun} I came across a Dollar Store Autumn decor sign marked $1.00!  I love the words, the different fonts, overall size & wire hanger but was tired of the limited colors & some of the words didn’t really pop.  So out came the craft paints & teeny tiny paint brushes.

I only did one word in purple.  Didn’t like it.  Then outlined the letters a bit in white in an effort to make it stand out.  Yeah, that’s why there’s only one purple, it just didn’t work but I sure love the color.  I think the lime green, bright pink & turquoise work better & I used a brighter orange too for some contrast.  I highlighted the pumpkin with a smidge of white, added a little orange to the yellow leaf & toned down the white acorn.  I then white washed the wooden edge so could see the dark green burlap a little better.

Here’s the before & afters:

Well, do you think it was an improvement?  I sure do.  It now hangs right to the right of your front door so I see it every time I let our three furry Girls out to tinkle.  Like I told one of my besties the other day, “If you like/love it {whatever IT is} but not the color, just buy it & paint it!” & she agreed, it’s a no-brainer!

Happy Zhuzhing IT Up with Paint!

~ Junk Maven


Fall Antique Jamboree @ Valley Junction

Hi Antique/Junk Peeps!

Were you able to get out & enjoy the weekend with something fun?  I sure hope so!  Like I mentioned, Junk Hunk Hubby & I headed to Bass Pro where he finally spent his gift card from Christmas.  It was entertaining there, as always.  Normally the Christmas season is my favorite time to visit here since it’s filled with kids toys you just don’t see anywhere else.

While JHH was looking around I snapped some shots:

This is my favorite display: the vintage gas can, boat oar, log & reeds.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then we headed to Valley Junction & the Fall Antique Jamboree!  We hadn’t been there for over a year so it was great to visit again & see added vendors attending this new-to-us event.  The variety here was phenomenal, it scanned decades!  There was mid-century modern, re-purposed, vintage, true antiques, metals, textiles…& more.  I saw some familiar faces {Rustique Flea & Vintage Marketplace & Full Moon & Buck Naked} & the crowd was from near-newborn to seniors+ so the atmosphere was very friendly.

A small collection of tractors from a local club where at one end next to a man sculpting wood with a chainsaw.  You could find ice cream, popcorn, fresh lemonade, gyros & more if you wanted to take a nice break.  Here are some things that caught my eye {a few slide shows since there are so many}:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Above: mod furniture, feed sacks, quilts & a vintage camper to name a few.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More treasures:  signage, Halloween {swoon}, vintage Christmas goodies & an adorable toy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s the chainsaw guy, cane-backed chairs, the fire hydrant, old grocery store {Colonial Bread} screen door, garden poles {on my radar a few months back as a Christmas gift idea} & beautiful linens from Sisters in the Junction.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s kitchen gadgets, pyrex, a swanky living room set-up & an amazing Korean War memorial wall & we waited on the train  guessed that the huge chains & supports probably carried wind turbine blades to & from the West & East coasts.  A quick google search when we got home showed we were right, ha.

The weather was good & we had a great time!  If you get a chance, be sure & visit Valley Junction‘s next antique/junk event & others, their website lists all kinds so I’m sure you’ll find something fun too.

Happy Antiquing!

~ Junk Maven