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that awkward flea market street style nike shoes

Just be yourself!

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Getting Crafty with Vintage Finds

Hi Junkers!

Last weekend, I had some time to get in the craft room & dig out a project.  You see, I’m one of those people like Jo Packham, Editor In Chief of the Where Women Create magazine has admitted, I love the idea of a creative activity, with the gadgets, embellishments & supplies but when it comes down to actually making anything, I get distracted or other duties take priority.  I think it was last Fall I had saw a beautiful necklace on Facebook where an artist used women’s vintage eyeglasses & incorporated them into the design.

I looked & looked for that image, thinking I’d pinned it but couldn’t seem to find it for reference.  So instead I just jumped in & designed my own, from memory.  I’m usually much better at imitation, as in “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, ha!  Originality kinda scares me, most of the time I’m insecure with my own creative process.

Here’s what my Saturday evening looked like:

craft room view
My view in the craft room:  filled with College Girl’s high school art {she is SUPER talented!} & a menagerie of other things.
craft room necklace 6
These components were contenders that didn’t make the cut.


craft room necklace 4
I close up of Rosemary {the dress form} wearing my version of vintage eyeglass frame necklace.  Whatcha think?

The eyeglass frames are not vintage, darn it.  At the time I bought these, I was looking on eBay for a real vintage pair but didn’t like any available.  These are reproductions & arrived off the ‘slow boat from China’.  But, I can say that frames are now on my ‘look for at all flea markets,etc.’ list from now on!

Today, while searching Pinterest again for the original image of inspiration, I finally found it, but instead in my Google drive Crafty folder, LOL!  My notes state ‘an unknown vendor at The Old Chicken Farm in Jones, OK’ is the artist of the necklaces below:

vintage eye glass frame necklaces from a unknown vendor at The Old Chicken Farm FB
If you are the artist of these gems, please identify yourself so we can see more of your work!

What fun it would be to look for all the materials at your favorite antique, thrift store or flea market?  What crafty things have you all been doing lately?  Be sure to share with us!

Happy Vintage Crafting!

~ Junk Maven



Dreamin’ of Junk with Jim Lange {aka The Dating Game Host}

Hi Junkers!

Last night I had a dream.  Ok, I’m sure I dream more than I remember but last night I remembered it!  I’m wondering if this is the sign of an addition…it was about junkin’!  Time will tell, huh?  For some reason I knew I was in California {which is over 1700 miles from my current location}, in someone shady backyard sitting on a bench.  On the opposite bench was my Uncle Jim {who has been in heaven for over 17 years} & a celebrity.  Not a very well known celebrity but I kept saying “You’re famous, you’re someone famous”.  I remember thinking, ‘he looks the same except his hair is bigger….& it’s red for some reason’.  It wasn’t immediately clear where or how I recognized him but the first thing that came to me was ‘game show host’, lol.  And the name the popped into my head was Pat Sajack but I knew that was definitely wrong, it was just a connection to some game show!

Then, Uncle Jim said “I bought something at the flea market” & the game show host interrupted him mid-thought said “Then I bought it from him & sold it for a lot more.  He didn’t know what he had.”  They both chuckled.  The GSH then asked me if I wanted to see all the junk & antiques he had.  Well, of course I said “Yes!”.  The dream ended  😦

Weird that I remembered it & so vividly, especially since I couldn’t even identify the ‘celebrity’ yet I’m glad I was able to remember & find his picture after I woke up.  Like most times when I can’t find or figure out something, it’s a quest until no longer a mystery.  A quick google search & I found Jim Lange from The Dating Game, wah-lah, that’s HIM!!!

Jim Lange

Not to be confused with THE greatest game show host ever:

Guy Smiley
Guy Smiley !!!

Darn, I didn’t get to ‘see’ Jim’s antiques but I’m going to guess that the collection would have been epic.  In reality, I have no reason to believe that he was an antique dealer but I girl can dream….

Happy Junk Dreamin’

~ Junk Maven


Looking back at Vintage Brides

Hi Junkers!

Seems like this time of year lots of thoughts start turning to weddings & planning for the special occasion after couples become engaged over the Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years’ Holidays.  Isn’t the saying true that “It’s all about the dress!”?  I think it is for the bride & with good reason.  It makes a statement & can set the tone of the wedding.  With so many designs, hues, fabrics, lengths & more we often look back on the styles of past decades to get ideas.

What a great time to look at what has influenced today’s wedding dresses & how all brides-to-be can capture that timeless style if they want to put a modern twist on a vintage creation.  Here are some great ways to bring back the past in elegant ways:

The Jazz Era in the 20’s was more about being coy, being subtle while entranced in mystery.   Hand beading, art deco, sheer fabrics & larger head coverings are commonly seen with a bit of real or faux fur during chilly months like a bolero.

Jazz era dress collage

The Depression Era  in the 30’s called for a bit more glamour due to the rising Hollywood influences with a slinky, tighter fit.  Sophistication with an illusion of celebrity mixed together in just the right amounts gave the bride an alluring appeal.

Depression era collage

War Time Era

Although there was not a huge contrast from the decade before, the 40’s blended vintage & modern tastes with pearls, crystals & buttons were used to adorn waists & sleeves.  The movie-star look was copied right down to the bold lipstick.


War Time dress collage

Baby Boom Era

The ball gown with a princess-line skirt was a new look for the 50’s including it’s cinched midriff  with a full skirt.  Lace adorned some of the dresses.  Other popular choices features scooped & off- the-shoulder necklines.

Baby Boom era collage princess


The Hippie Era

Boat necklines & raised hemlines were true fashion nods to 60’s rebellious decade.  A minimalist & polished style made way for the bride to up her look with sassy shoes or headpiece.

Hippie Era college

The Me Era

Billowy, long sweeping sleeves where romance meets bohemian & a splash of 20’s impacted & defined the 70’s bride.  Bold use of color was another option, even if the bride opted for pastels; and who can forget the wide brimmed hats.

Me Era Collage

Generation X Era

The theme was COLOSSAL: from big, puffy sleeves to wild hair to oversized skirts & yards of fabric with lots of extravagance thrown in for good measure.  Once again princess-inspired wedding dresses were super popular.

Gen X Collage

Honestly, it’s no wonder bride’s have a hard time choosing the ‘right’ gown when there are millions to choose from {maybe not millions, but probably close}.  I remember mine, chosen out of a bride’s magazine.  I was able to find a bridal store within 40 miles that carried it.  I tried it one & that was it, done deal, mine all mine ❤

I’ve always tried to imagine my College Girl & someday DIL’s taste, preference & choices when it come to their weddings.  No doubt I’ll be ecstatic!

Happy Vintage Wedding Planning!

~ Junk Maven


Rockin’ Vintage with Ozzy

Hi Junkers!

How’s that for a title to get your attention, huh?  First of all, I’ll admit….I really like Ozzy!  Maybe not all his music {some of it} but if you’re lucky enough to understand his heavy British accent, he’s very funny!  Do you remember the family having a show ‘The Osbournes’ circa 2002 via the MTV channel?  My favorite is Season 1, Episode 9: ‘A Very Ozzy Christmas’ & the gravy scene.  Here’s a link:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZxz0V8xH18 ; skip to 10:55 but honestly, the whole show is funny.  *Warning = there is language you may not like, like the F bomb*  Part of it goes like this:  “Ozzy: We did a great job with that gravy. [a minute later] Ozzy: We did a great job with that gravy. Sharon: We’re going to hear about this f*ing gravy for the next year. International rock star—gravy maker extraordinaire. ”

Anyway, last weekend College Daughter & I were catching up on our TiVo recordings.  Ozzy has a new show on A&E where he & his son, Jack, start traveling across the USA.  In Season 2, Episode 1: ‘Like Father Like Son’, Ozzy talks about the good times he remembers in his younger years & having a 1973 GMC motorhome!  Jack then is on a mission to find one.  The first one is green.  Ozzy hates the color green, he claims it brings bad luck.  He later finds one just like Ozzy remembers the original as & off they go.

Not that Ozzy intends to go glamping, it just struck me as ironic that this hard-core heavy metal genius like something vintage!  Goes to show you that anyone from any background can have an appreciation for junk/vintage/retro/antique things!

Ozzy Motorhome Collage
Collage:  Jack & Ozzy from their new show; the ‘evil’ green GMC motorhome & a 1973 GMC motorhome, similar to the one the Osbourne’s got stranded in.

Happy Rockin’ the Vintage!

~ Junk Maven


Music is the Answer

Hi Junkers!

Haven’t used the letter board for ages, so I dusted off the patina {ok, it was dust} & found a little something to share as I listen to my smooth jazz & tidy up clean up the craft room.  It looked like Will Farrell’s ELF got into the spiked punch & had a party in here.  I had removed the Christmas things from down stairs only to simply drop them off up here.  Now I have gift bags, tissue, tags, misc. embellishments, odds & ends & even gifts meant to be given this year {found ‘hidden’ is several places} all now corralled!

With all the pressure this time of year to get organized, get in shape, eat healthy, purge the clutter, clean those closets & junk drawers {yes, we all have one} & all the other things we apparently put off last year doing, I thought it was a good reminder to listen to the music, it always makes me feel better!  And, by the way, but I’ll do all those things in due time…..when I’m ready, thanks.   😉

the secret is to listen

~ Junk Maven